Concord essentially works in Levels 0 to 3.5 of the 5-level model of automation sector. The goal is obviously to achieve Multi-level (0 to 5) efficiency, something which is soon due in the near future. Following is a brief breakdown of this control hierarchy in automation and how Concord contributes to each level.




Automation Solutions

End to end (Turnkey) solutions encompasses system architecture detail design and engineering specifications, panel integration, installation commissioning and training support for Industrial & Building/Home automation sector. Domain specific solutions based on DCS, PLC, SCADA, Drives, and MCC are provided. Customized solutions for individual requirement are provided. Migration and Upgradation of legacy control systems has been the read more



Remote Monitoring Solutions

Concord is already heralded as leading solution providers for demographic remote monitoring and installations. It has partnered with the best in the field for versatile projects and ensured control, ease of operations and efficiency in all its endeavors.

Help customer monitor machines and equipments installed at remote location and take informed decisions allowing flexibility in plant operations, maintenance and analysis based on the data captured. Concord has partnered with the best in the field to provide reliable remote monitoring and control solution. read more



Data Integration Solutions

Analysis based on historical data in manufacturing industry helps a great deal in increasing efficiency by increasing utilization and reducing waste. This coupled with real time data analysis and action, create wonders. Concord has helped customers achieve this by deploying dashboards and reporting solutions with combination of SCADA, Historian Database, Relational Database (SQL/Oracle), Reporting Portal. Our vendor neutral approach to control system helps us integrate data from varied field equipments regardless of the protocol used read more



Safety Solutions

Safety is of foremost importance in any industry. Maximum output is possible only with maximum safety. Concord represents HIMA a trusted name & pioneers in providing safety system worldwide. Solutions to following industries are provided (a) Process, (b) Logistic and machine and (c) Rail/Metro sector. Concord has TUV certified functional safety professionals to architect, integrate and deploy safety solutions. read more