Field Instrumentation

Field Instrumentation

Concord has executed engineered and detailing of numerous domestic and international projects

These detail engineering services coupled with Front End Loading services gives a complete package to the organizations seeking these services. Front end loading comprises of:

  • Study of Existing Plant Systems
  • Identify System Performance Objectives
  • Design, Assess, Verify
  • Conceptualize the Design
  • Prepare Site Specification
  • Compliance Analysis
  • Verify Compliance with Local Standards
  • Customer/ Vendor Coordination\
  • Optimum System Selection

    P&ID Reconciliation and I/O List

  Field Instrumentation Specification and Selection

  Instrument Location Drawings

  Instrument Hook-up Drawings

  Junction Box Schedules and Drawings

  Control Room Layouts

  Cable Schedules and Cable Routing Drawings

  Procurement Support Services

  System Inspection Services


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