Onsite Engg Support

Appropriately designed control system hardware is safe to operate, less prone to failures and easily maintainable. Different consideration and standards need to be followed for different domains for example the panels for Food and Pharma have different requirements than the panels for Ex zones.

Concord Technologies is aware of the requirements of different domains and have designed the control system hardware for different sectors. For this reason, Concord has its own set of templates that is used for SI projects. However they can also flexibly align to customers’ standards and practices and generate the documents using their standards also.

Concord’s engineers are well versed with different tools for design engineering; this includesStudy of Existing Plant Systems
  • AutoCAD
  • ePlan
  • SPI-Intools
  • Micorstation

These services are provided in Remote/Resident mode.

  • System Architecture Design.
  • Signal Interconnection Diagrams.
  • Power Distribution Schemes.
  • Power Consumption and Heat Load Calculations.
  • Electrical Ground Distribution.
  • Loop Drawings.
  • Different Types of Panels Design Such As System Cabinet, Marshalling Cabinet, Power
  • Distribution Cabinet, Auxiliary Console, and Control Panel.
  • Panel Wiring Drawings.
  • Hardware Bill of Material.



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